Company Register of Liberland

The Registrar of Companies is continuously developing its services and service channels, to better serve the international community of entrepreneurs sequire a PGP encryptieeking friendly jurisdictions to set up business in. It has been possible to set up a company in Liberland since 2016, and we have a variety of active companies registered and doing business in our country. Going forward, we want to offer a wider variety of services, and increasingly simple and fast registration process, to continue to attract more and more business activity to the country. We are also building relationships that will result in increasing number of options for banking and cash management services for companies registered in Liberland, and finally, we will also soon start offering registration of trusts in Liberland.

To register a company in Liberland, please fill in this form download, and return it with the relevant attachments to

In perpetual support of liberty and entrepreneurship

New application process is temporarily suspended